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Debut Author Podcasts

Quick links to past episodes:

Angela Terry (Charming Falls Apart)      ___________________________

Katey Schultz (Still Come Home)      ___________________________

Sarah McCraw Crow (The Wrong Kind of Woman)                                  ___________________________

Mary Helen Sheriff (Boop and Eve's Road Trip)                                  ___________________________

Regina Buttner (Absolution)              ___________________________

Nguyen Phan Que Mai (The Mountains Sing)                                  ___________________________

Ehsaneh Sadr (A Door Between Us)                                           ___________________________

Valerie Taylor (What's Not Said)       _________________________

Anna's Dance (Michele Levy)          __________________________

Anita Kushwaha (Secret Lives of Mothers and Daughters)                   ___________________________

Barbara Conrey (Nowhere Near Goodbye)                                           ___________________________

J.L Cole (Silver Heights)                 ___________________________

Susan Payne (Forever Kind of Woman)

A.H. Kim (A Good Family)

Tricia Zacher (Many a Sudden Change)

Amanda Brainerd (Age of Consent)

Lindsey Cook (How to Bury Your Brother)

Stephanie Newman (Barbarians at the PTA)

Pamela Raliegh (Sandshell Island)

Anju Gattani (Duty and Desire)

Tracey Enerson Wood (The Engineer's Wife)                               ____________________________

Jaqueline Kang (The Club)   ____________________________

Carole Lahines (Someday Everything Will All Make Sense)   ____________________________

Diane Barnes (More Than)

William Schreiber (Someone to Watch Over)

Dianne Romain (The Trumpet Lesson)

Lisa Braxton (The Talking Drum)

Sherri Leimkuhler (What's Left Untold)

Elizabeth Gauffreau (Telling Sonny)

 Kelly Duran (Can't Take It Back)

 Jae Hodges (The Rose and the Whip)

 Jamie Beck (If You Must Know)

 Sharina Harris  (Im)perfectly Happy

 Kathleen West (Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes)

 Alison Hammer (You and Me and Us)

Sally Suen (Crystal Cove)

 Diane Byington (If She Had Stayed)

Donna Koros Stramella (Coffee Killed My Mother)

 Rebecca Hodge (Wildland)

Barbara Linn Probst (Queen of the Owls)

Joanne Kukanza Easley (Sweet Jane)

Linda Rosen (The Disharmony of Silence)

Michelle Davis (Learning to Bend)

Kimmery Martin (The Queen of Hearts)

Heather Frimmer (Bedside Manners)

Marianne Hansen (The Unscripted Life of Lizzy Dillinger)

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Recent Releases

We now have a special Monthly Highlights shelf on Goodreads, where you can get full information on the books listed below. Thanks for reading, reviewing, and sharing with your friends!

A Million Reasons Why
by Jessica Strawser

When two strangers are linked by a mail-in DNA test, it’s an answered prayer―that is, for one half-sister. For the other, it will dismantle everything she knows to be true.



For more information, please visit Jessica's website.                         

Lost in Paris
by Elizabeth Thompson

When a deed to an apartment in Paris turns up in an old attic trunk, an estranged mother and daughter must reunite to uncover the secret and mysterious life of a family matriarch—perfect for fans of The Little Paris Bookshop and The Beekeeper’s Daughter.

For more information, please visit Elizabeth's website.                                                                                                                                 
Little Pieces of Me
by Alison Hammer

Following her acclaimed debut novel, You and Me and Us, Alison Hammer offers a deeply moving story of family and identity. When a DNA test reveals a long-buried secret, a woman must look to the past to understand her mother and herself.

For more information, please visit  Alison's website.                                         
For All She Knows
by Jamie Beck

Grace and Mimi raised their kids together while cementing a sisterlike bond. But when a string of ill-fated decisions results in a teen party with a tragic outcome for Grace’s son, the friendship is ripped apart and an already-splintered community explodes. With their lives unraveling, the former friends stand to lose everything they love unless they learn to forgive—both themselves and each other.

 For more information, please visit Jamie's website. 
Finding Napoleon
by Margaret Rodenberg

With its delightful adaptation of Napoleon Bonaparte’s real attempt to write a romantic novel, FINDING NAPOLEON offers a fresh take on Europe’s most powerful man after he’s lost everything. A forgotten woman of history―Napoleon’s last love, the audacious Albine de Montholon―narrates their tale of intrigue, passion, and betrayal. To survive, Albine must decide whom to betray. To succeed, Napoleon must learn whom to trust.

 For more information, please visit Margaret's website. 

Women's Fiction: Spring into Something New

Spring is a time of renewal. What better way to start this season, than reading about fresh starts and new places. 


Fear of Flying

by Kate Allen




Behind the Lens

by Jeannee Sacken




Rewrite the Stars

by Christina Consolino




Still Come Home

by Katey Schultz




Summer by the River

by Debbie Burns




Victory Colony 1950

by Bhaswati Ghosh




 Charming Falls Apart

by Angela Terry




When the Apricots Bloom

by Gina Wilkinson




After Happily Ever After

by Leslie A. Rasmussen




Friendship Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

by Lisa Verge Higgins




Hear Us Roar! Debut Author Podcast

Paula Adler is a born and raised Texan who doesn’t care what the DNA results say… she’s way more than 12.6% Scottish. If she’s not writing, she’s probably off SCUBA diving or dancing. 

Reach out to her any time at [email protected] or visit her website www.PaulaAdler.com


Listen to the interview with Paula.

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