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Debut Author Podcast: Irene Frances Olson

Requiem for the Status QuoIrene Frances Olson

Irene Frances Olson writes from passion and experience. She was her father’s caregiver during his struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Having previously worked in the assisted living and memory care industry, she was not new to the disease—nor was her family immune.

After her father’s 2007 death from Alzheimer’s disease, Ms. Olson worked as an Alzheimer’s Association support meeting facilitator and concurrently, she worked for the State of Washington as a Long-Term Care Ombudsman (LTC) – an advocate for adults living in LTC settings. The author maintains a blog, focusing primarily on elder issues, and her writing journey can be found on her author website: Irene hopes to make a difference in the lives of others by writing novels that encourage those who just might need another cheerleader in their corner. It is her hope that her debut novel, Requiem for the status quo, provides such support.