Directors, Advisors and Volunteers

President: Christine Adler* (email)

Past Presidential Advisor: Orly Konig

Guiding Scribe: Kathryn Craft

WFWA Legal Counsel: Maggie Marr

Volunteer Coordinator: Sarahlyn Bruck (email)

Membership Director: Rebecca Hodge (email)

Director of Technology: Jennifer Klepper (email)

Tech Editors: Karen Clark, Shelly Davis

Secretary: Rebecca Taylor*

Vice President, Finance/Treasurer: Kathy Dodson* (email)

Vice President, Programs: Jacki Kelly* (email)

Director of Craft & Education Programs: Elizabeth Wafler

Webinar Programs Leader: Lisa Montanaro

Webinar Host: Lisa Montanaro

Critique Program Coordinator: Barbara Solomon Josselsohn

Mentorship Program Coordinator: Therese Gilardi

Mentorship Program Advisor: Orly Konig

Mentorship Team Contacts: Michele Montgomery, Elena Mikalsen, Elizabeth Wafler

Workshop Chair: Christina Lorenzen / Co-Chair: Gayle Ellen Woodson



Regional Events Coordinators: OPEN

Conference Liaison: OPEN

Book Festivals Coordinator: OPEN

Chair, Agent Pitch Events: Jocelyn Lindsay

Chair, Agent Pitch Event Technology: Mikaela Huntzinger

Pitch Programs Volunteer: Stephanie Schlitz

Pitch Programs Volunteer: Anisha Bhatia

Pitch Programs Volunteer: Michele Cantwell

Pitch Programs Volunteer: Christel Cothran

Pitch Programs Volunteer: Anita Kushwaha

Vice President, Communications: Sharon Ritchey* (email)

Published Author Outreach: OPEN

Director of External Communications: Sharon Ritchey

Read ON! Editor: Robin Taylor Facer

Chair, RISING STAR AwardSuzanne Adams & Susan Morris

Past RISING STAR Chair Advisor: MM Finck

RISING STAR Entries Coordinator: Marie Parsons

RISING STAR Judges Coordinator: Jessica Smith

RISING STAR At-Large: Lynn Diener

STAR Award Coordinator: Janet Rundquist

Web Content Coordinators: OPEN

Book Club Coordinators: OPEN

Toolbox Content Manager: Catherine Faubion

Communications Team Archivist: Diane Barnes

WOW Challenge Coordinators: Wendy Rossi

Facebook Forum Moderators: Cara Achterberg

Reading Challenge Coordinators: OPEN

Indie Bookseller Outreach: Leah DeCesare 

Director of Internal Communications: Jodi Lew-Smith

Inside WFWA Coordinators: Jodi Lew-Smith (Team/Editor), Sandra Morris (Team/Editor), Nanette Littlestone (Team/Editor), Victoria Gladwish (Team/Editor)

Write ON! Ezine Managing Editor: Kay Arthur

Write ON! Ezine Copy Editor: Brooke Williams

Write ON! Ezine Contributing Editors: Barbara Linn Probst; Patricia Friedrich

Write ON! Ezine Layout Editor: Sheri Taylor-Emery

Newsletter Support: OPEN

Industry News Coordinators: Anisha Bhatia (Beat Writer), Karen Sargent (Agent Spotlight), Julie Trelstad (Compiling Issue Editor), Kris Clink (Industry Opportunities), Lisa Bambrick and Helen Piper (Beat Writers)

Social Media Director: Maggie Giles

*denotes elected official