Leadership and Volunteers

President: Kristi Leonard* (email)

Past Presidential Advisor: Christine Adler

Executive Director: Pamela Nowak

Guiding Scribe: Denny S. Bryce

WFWA Legal Counsel: Maggie Marr

Secretary: Janet Rundquist* (email)

Vice President, Finance/Treasurer: Stephanie Claypool* (email)

Finance Coordinator: Stephanie Claypool

Vice President, Programs: Tara Baisden* (email)

Online Community

Director: Deborah Abbott

Assistant Online Community Director: CherieDawn Haas

Webinar Programs

Leader: Lisa Montanaro

Tech Assistant: Hope Ashby

Host: Lisa Montanaro

Critique Program

Coordinator: Kristy Hodges

Mentorship Program

Coordinator: D. Liebhart

Assistant: Judith Adler


Chair: Laurel Litchfield

Co-Chair: Najla Mamou

Co-Chair: Nancy Taber

Tech Lead: TBD


Co-chairs: Sara LaFontain, Hadley Leggett

Entry Coordinators: Jennifer Jensen, Anna Katz

STAR Award 

Chair: Ginger Haggerty


Historical Fiction Affinity Group

Coordinator:  Debra Borchert

Coordinator & Facilitator: Kim Gottlieb-Walker

Membership and Archives: Dee Buckingham

Facilitator: Elaine Schroller

Newsletter: Patty Warren

Chat Facilitator: Tamatha Cain

Writing Dates

Program Leader: Michele Montgomery

Hosts: Michele Montgomery, Pamela Stockwell, Stephanie Claypool, Hadley Leggett, Gabi Coatsworth, Janet Rundquist, Priya Gill, Catherine Matthews, Carla Damron

Vice President, Events: Leah DeCesare* (email)

Retreat West Chair: Lynn Diener

Retreat West Assistant Chair: Amy Anderson

Retreat East Chair: Leslie Hall

Retreat East Assistant Chair: Mel Lanning

Vice President, Communications: Kori Kobzina* (email)

Read ON!

Editor: Nancie Abuhaidar

Communications Team Archivist: Pamala Mahajan


Coordinators: Sue Reynolds, Caitlin Weaver

Hear Us Roar Podcast:

Host: Maggie Smith

Inside WFWA

Editorial Director: Nanette Littlestone

Editors: Christine Adler, Karin Cooper, Joie Lesin

Write ON! Ezine

Managing Editor: Sharon Ritchey

Copy Editor: Jen Craven

Feature Editors: Brooke Willams

Art Director: Sheri Taylor-Emery

Social Media

Director: Sarah Vance-Tompkins

SM Coordinator: Penny Haw

Goodreads Coordinator: Gina Andrew

Pinterest Coordinator: Yaymet Arocho

Women’s Fiction Day

Director: Open

Team Members: Tamara Merrill, Kimberly Packard, Paulette Stout

Vice President of Membership: Wendy Rossi* (email)

Manager, Volunteer Recruitment: Krista White (email)

Volunteer Recognition Program Coordinator: Georgina Kelly

Facebook Group Administrator: Lisa Fellinger, Pauline Kelly

Membership Metrics Coordinator: Brenda Heald

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion: Marie Watts* (email)

Vice President of Technology: Catherine Matthews* (email)

Newsletter and Archivist Tech Lead: Fran Shimp

Webinar Tech Lead: Hope Ashby

Webinar Replay Tech Lead: Shelly Davis

Podcast Tech Lead: Linda Paul

 Volunteer with the WFWA

You may have heard that WFWA is a volunteer-run organization. But do you know what that means? Every job function and position, from the Board of Directors to the people who work the registration desk at events, is a volunteer. You don’t have to volunteer to reap all the benefits of WFWA, but we guarantee you’ll receive a whole lot more if you do.

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*denotes elected official