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Debut Author Podcasts

Quick links to past episodes:

Lindsey Cook (How to Bury Your Brother)

Stephanie Newman (Barbarians at the PTA)


Pamela Raliegh (Sandshell Island)


Anju Gattani (Duty and Desire)

Tracey Enerson Wood (The Engineer's Wife)                               ____________________________

Jaqueline Kang (The Club)   ____________________________

Carole Lahines (Someday Everything Will All Make Sense)   ____________________________

Diane Barnes (More Than)

William Schreiber (Someone to watch Over)

Dianne Romain (The Trumpet Lesson)

Lisa Braxton (The Talking Drum)

Sherri Leimkuhler (What's Left Untold)


Elizabeth Gauffreau (Telling Sonny)

 Kelly Duran (Can't Take It Back)

 Jae Hodges (The Rose and the Whip)

 Jamie Beck (If You Must Know)

 Sharina Harris  (Im)perfectly Happy

 Kathleen West (Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes)

 Alison Hammer (You and Me and Us)


Sally Suen (Crystal Cove)

 Diane Byington (If She Had Stayed)


Donna Koros Stramella (Coffee Killed My Mother)

 Rebecca Hodge (Wildland)

Barbara Linn Probst (Queen of the Owls)

Joanne Kukanza Easley (Sweet Jane)

Linda Rosen (The Disharmony of Silence)

Michelle Davis (Learning to Bend)

Kimmery Martin (The Queen of Hearts)



Heather Frimmer (Bedside Manners)



Marianne Hansen (The Unscripted Life of Lizzy Dillinger)

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Recent Releases

We now have a special Monthly Highlights shelf on Goodreads, where you can get full information on the books listed below. Thanks for reading, reviewing, and sharing with your friends!

The Butterfly Effect
by Rachel Mans McKenny

Greta Oto prefers insects over people, and she's not afraid to tell you that. While researching in Costa Rica, she gets news that her twin is in the hospital. She must return home to face the bridges she burned to help. 


                                                                         For more information, please visit Rachel's website. 

Zahara and the Lost Books of Light
by Joyce Yarrow

Seattle journalist Alienor Crespo travels to Spain to claim the citizenship promised to descendants of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492. As she relives history through her vijitas (visits) with her Sephardic and Muslim ancestors, Alienor confronts modern-day extremism and commits herself to protecting an endangered “Library of Light."

 For more information, please visit Joyce's website. 

The Chicken Sisters
by K.J Dell'Antonia

Two small town sisters, one who stayed, one who left, use a reality TV competition to finally resolve their ongoing feud over who made better life choices. Expect picture-perfect lives that fall apart away from the camera, an all-chicken recreation of Stephen King’s Carrie and a manipulative host who really needs a donut—and expect to come away thinking about your own life choices, too.

 For more information, please visit K.J.'s website. 

The Daydream Cabin
by Carolyn Brown

A headstrong woman discovers it’s never too late for change in New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s spirited novel about lost hope and second chances.



For more information, please visit Carolyn's website. 

Women's Fiction: Holiday Reads

Whatever way you celebrate, kick back with these stories that capture the spirit of the season.


A Newport Christmas Wedding

by Shelley Noble 




The Distance Home

by Orly Konig




Christmas at the Beach House Hotel

by Judith Keim




No Longer Yours

by Sara LaFontain 




Last Christmas in Paris

by Hazel Gaynor, Heather Webb 





Seasons of Change

by Lita Harris




 The Fall Line

by Ute Carbone




The Winter Loon

by Lori Henriksen





by Kathryn Barrett 




Saints, Strangers and Rosehip Tea

by Toni Kief 




Hear Us Roar! Debut Author Podcast

Amanda Brainerd lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband and three children, blocks from where she grew up. Amanda attended The Nightingale-Bamford School and was expelled from Choate Rosemary Hall, before going on to graduate from Harvard College and Columbia Architecture. Age of Consent is her first novel.

Listen to the interview with Amanda.

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