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Debut Author Podcasts

Quick links to past episodes:

Debra Thomas (Luz)   __________________________

Sarah Penner (The Lost Apothecary)  ___________________________

Jill Caugherty (Waltz in Swing Time)  ___________________________ 

Christina Consolino (Rewrite the Stars)   ___________________________

KD Allbaugh (Face Down in Rising Sun)   ____________________________

Jeanee Sacken (Behind the Lens)   ____________________________

Beatryce Ruby (No Sweeter Touch)   ___________________________  

Gina WIlkinson (When the Apricots Bloom)   ___________________________

Tiffany Meuret (A Flood of Posies)   ___________________________

Elizabeth Chatsworth (The Brass Queen)  __________________________

Shail Rajan (The Summer Breeze)   ___________________________

L. Bordetski-Williams (Forget Russia)   ___________________________

Christina Tsirkas (The Night Sender)           ____________________________

Judith Teitelman (Guesthouse for Ganesha)    ____________________________

Kathy Sechrist (Success is the Best Revenge)    ____________________________

Joyce Yarrow (Sandstorm)     ____________________________

Denny S. Bryce (Wild Women and the Blues)   ____________________________

Kathryn Holzman (Real Estate: A Novel)    ____________________________

Melissa Hunter (What She Lost)    ____________________________

Florence Reiss Kraut (How to Make a Life)   ____________________________

Geeta Schrater (Reaching Riverdale)  ____________________________

Densie Webb (When Robins Appear)    ____________________________

Bhaswati Ghosh (Victory Colony, 1950)                            ____________________________

KJ Dell'Antonia (The Chicken Sisters)                                ___________________________

Rachel Mans McKenny (The Butterfly Effect)                              ____________________________

Jaye Burke (Venice)    ____________________________

Grace Sammon (The Eves)

Madeleine Van Hecke (Once You Know)

Paula Adler (Return to Magnolia Bloom)

Angela Terry (Charming Falls Apart)    ____________________________

Katey Schultz (Still Come Home)    ____________________________

Sarah McCraw Crow (The Wrong Kind of Woman)                                ____________________________

Mary Helen Sheriff (Boop and Eve's Road Trip)                                ____________________________

Regina Buttner (Absolution)              ___________________________

Nguyen Phan Que Mai (The Mountains Sing)                                  ___________________________

Ehsaneh Sadr (A Door Between Us)                                           ___________________________

Valerie Taylor (What's Not Said)       _________________________

Michele Levy (Anna's Dance)          __________________________

Anita Kushwaha (Secret Lives of Mothers and Daughters)                   ___________________________

Barbara Conrey (Nowhere Near Goodbye)                                           ___________________________

J.L Cole (Silver Heights)                 ___________________________

Susan Payne (Forever Kind of Woman)

A.H. Kim (A Good Family)

Tricia Zacher (Many a Sudden Change)

Amanda Brainerd (Age of Consent)

Lindsey Cook (How to Bury Your Brother)

Stephanie Newman (Barbarians at the PTA)

Pamela Raliegh (Sandshell Island)

Anju Gattani (Duty and Desire)

Tracey Enerson Wood (The Engineer's Wife)                               ____________________________

Jaqueline Kang (The Club)   ____________________________

Carole Lahines (Someday Everything Will All Make Sense)   ____________________________

Diane Barnes (More Than)

William Schreiber (Someone to Watch Over)

Dianne Romain (The Trumpet Lesson)

Lisa Braxton (The Talking Drum)

Sherri Leimkuhler (What's Left Untold)

Elizabeth Gauffreau (Telling Sonny)

 Kelly Duran (Can't Take It Back)

 Jae Hodges (The Rose and the Whip)

 Jamie Beck (If You Must Know)

 Sharina Harris  (Im)perfectly Happy

 Kathleen West (Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes)

 Alison Hammer (You and Me and Us)

Sally Suen (Crystal Cove)

 Diane Byington (If She Had Stayed)

Donna Koros Stramella (Coffee Killed My Mother)


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Recent Releases

We now have a special Monthly Highlights shelf on Goodreads, where you can get full information on the books listed below. Thanks for reading, reviewing, and sharing with your friends!

The Way We Weren't
by Phoebe Fox

When Marcie Malone faces an unexpected crisis in her marriage, she walks out on everything in her life. In a run-down beach town she forms an unlikely alliance with an angry older man that forces both to face secrets and dark truths from their past—and decide whether to stay lost in the pain of the past or fight for healing and hope with the people they love most.                                                               For more information, please visit Phoebe's website.            

The Road Remembered
by Kay D. Schmitz

Gerda Ziegler, the wife of a Nazi officer during Hitler's reign, meets Sam Ryan, an American soldier who rescues her from a German concentration camp and helps deliver her baby. But seventy years will pass before they both discover their life-altering connection. Experience their fears and heartaches, joys and triumphs as this story builds to its satisfying conclusion.                                                      For more information, please visit Kaye's website.   

Doctors and Friends
by Kimmery Martin

The lives of three doctors—friends since medical school who meet for an annual get together—are thrown upside down when a contagious virus begins to spread across the world in this eerily prescient and timely novel written before the COVID-19 pandemic. Martin's complex characters are infused with such raw emotion that they nearly jump off the page. --NEWSWEEK                                                          For more information, please visit Kimmery's website.   

The Cranberry Inn
by Barbara Josselsohn

When Laurel and her son arrive home for Christmas to help run the family inn, she’s shocked to find the place in disrepair and her father gone. Unsure of what to think, she reaches out to childhood friend Joel. Then she uncovers the reason why her father disappeared – and suspects Joel knew the truth all along. Is there any reason not to run away again?                                                             For more information, please visit Barbara's website.                       

The Secret Next Door
by Rebecca Taylor

Gossip flows, lies are exposed, and accusations are made as cracks run through the community's once solid foundations. The neighborhood's faith in exterior appearances is eclipsed by the secrets every house keeps. And as Bonnie and Alyson fight to keep their children safe and their messy personal lives from becoming neighborhood knowledge, it becomes clear that their neighbors might not be who they appear to be.                                                                                  For more information, please visit Rebecca's website.                    

A Day Like This
by Kelley McNeil

Annie Beyers has everything—a beautiful house, a loving husband, and an adorable daughter. It’s a day like any other when she takes Hannah to the pediatrician…until she wakes hours later from a car accident. When she asks for her daughter, confused doctors tell Annie that Hannah never existed. In fact, nothing after waking from the crash is the same as Annie remembers. Five happy years of her life apparently never happened.                                                     For more information, please visit Kelley's website.  


Women's Fiction: Family Dramas and Road Trips

November is here! In the spirit of holiday gatherings and the most traveled day of the year, enjoy these Women's Fiction titles featuring family and road trips.


The Crittenton Girls

by Joanne Simon Tailele




The Bird House

by Kelley Simmons




The Wilderness Between Us

by Penny Haw




Boop and Eve's Road Trip

by Mary Helen Sheriff




Alligator Lake

by Lynne Bryant



You and Me and Us

by Alison Hammer




A Song for the Road

by Kathleen Basi




A Million Reasons Why

by Jessica Strawser




The Tiger Mom's Tale

by Lyn Liao Butler



Whisper Me This

by Kerry Anne King



Hear Us Roar! Debut Author Podcast

Libby Hubscher is an author and scientist. She studied biology at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine and holds a doctor of philosophy in molecular toxicology from North Carolina State University.

Her work has appeared online and in textbooks, scientific journals, and literary journals. Her short story “The Unwelcome Guest” was long-listed for the Wigleaf Top 50 in 2018. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, two young children, and a menagerie of pets.

Listen to the interview with Libby

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