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Debut Author Podcast: Geeta Schrayter

Geeta Schrayter fell in love with the written word as soon as she could read. As a child she crafted pretend newspapers and fashion catalogs and penned short stories.

In fifth grade she won her first writing competition, decided she was going to be a writer, and never faltered in that decision. 

She received her undergraduate degree in communications with a journalism concentration, and over the years has been a blogger, magazine intern, freelance writer, reporter, and assistant newspaper editor. 

Along with the above, she’s always had a love of fiction writing—ideas are constantly swirling around in her head and have come about from random events such as stopping at a stop light, being stranded at a bar, listening to music, and working on a puzzle with her daughter. She loves to observe the world around her, and her favorite writing quote is, “Be careful, or you may end up in my next novel.”

When she’s not writing, Geeta loves to travel, read, cook, run, and savor the magic in the everyday. She currently resides in New England with her family and is working on her next two novels.

Connect with Geeta on Instagram and Twitter @geetawrites or send her a note at [email protected].