2024 WFWA Scholarships

The Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA) has developed a scholarship program to help the organization achieve its mission.

We believe that women’s fiction heightens human connection, engenders empathy, and illuminates new perspectives. By consciously supporting all voices and providing tools and resources to rigorously develop craft, the Women’s Fiction Writers Association fosters successful careers, meaningful relationships, and the creation of resonant, diverse stories. 

Scholarship Categories

All scholarship proceeds are funded through our annual auction. For more information about the auction, click here. 

Scholarships are awarded in two categories:

  • WFWA members with financial need. These scholarships are intended for those who would not be able to participate without them.
  • WFWA members who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and those with a disability who have been underrepresented in the publishing industry.

Types of Scholarships

  • 2024 Retreat Scholarships: A total of eight scholarships, four for each category listed above, are available to be divided equally between the two retreats. Each retreat scholarship winner will be granted a maximum award of $1,800. This amount will be used to reimburse registration fees, hotel, and qualifying travel expenses. Food/Meals/Alcohol/Gratuity are excluded. 
  • Workshop Scholarships: WFWA recognizes that not everyone can take time away from work or family to attend an in-person retreat. Therefore, the organization will offer one scholarship per category for each WFWA online workshop.
  • Technology Scholarships: WFWA offers technology scholarships for writing-related hardware, software, furniture, or fixtures for the categories listed above. Scholarship awardees will be reimbursed up to $300 total for the expense of one or more items that meet this category. The number of scholarships awarded per year is based on funding availability. "Technology" includes any hardware, software, furniture, or fixtures that can reasonably be expected to be helpful with writing, publishing, or marketing women's fiction.


Scholarships are only open to current WFWA members in good standing and must be members at the time of event/workshop.

Members may only be awarded one WFWA scholarship in any calendar year. Prior conference/retreat awardees may not apply for another conference/retreat, but may apply for workshops and technology scholarships.

Please note that WFWA Directors, Trustees, Officers, Senior Managers or their family members, and members of the Selection Committee or their family members are not eligible for the scholarship.

Application Process

Applicants will use the links below to apply for scholarships. Applicants will be asked to submit a one-page essay that outlines their goals as a writer, where they are in their writing career, and explains how the scholarship will be beneficial to them.

Entries are judged anonymously.

Retreat East Scholarship Application 
Workshop Scholarship Application
Technology Scholarship Application

THANK YOU to the following donors who generously helped to fund our scholarships in memory of longtime member, Amy Sue Nathan. 

JM Aiello
Sheila Athens
Deborah Bluver
Kimberly Brock
Kelsey Brown
Sarahlyn Bruck
Barbara Claypole White
Stephanie Claypool
Gabi Coatsworth
Carla Damron
Deborah Ahern Evans
Joan Fernandez
Justin Fine
Tina Forkner
Susan Foster
Priya Gill
Zachary Gropper
Beth Uznis Johnson
Kim Kronzer O'Brien
Della Leavitt
Hadley Leggett
Annmarie Lockhart
Catherine Matthews
virginia mccullough
Carolyn McGill
Steve Merkel
Judy Mischel
Alexandra Newton
Mackenzie Rogers
Abby Saul
Jayna Sheats
Debra Shelton
Eileen Smith
Pamela Stockwell
Pamela Toler
Jessica Topper
Marie Watts
Courtney Weissman
Anitra Wilson
Sean Zak

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