Mentorship Program

The Women’s Fiction Writers Association Mentorship program pairs writers who are working toward publication with published (large press, small press, and independent) authors, agented authors, developmental editors, and book coaches.

The WFWA Mentorship Program is offered twice a year, spring and fall. Each session lasts three months. Session dates are listed below. 

In order to get the most out of the experience, mentees ideally have participated in workshops and groups before seeking a mentor. Mentees may only be matched once during their time in WFWA and should have been in WFWA for one year prior to applying.

Workshops and Groups

Grabbing the Reader

January 14-21, 2024 - FREE (Registration: December 1, 2023 - January 11, 2024)

Coaching Your First 500 Words 

January 22-29, 2024 - $30 registration fee (Registration: December 1, 2023 - January 18, 2024)

Sizzling Synopsis

April 21-28, 2024 (Registration: March 21, 2024 - April 19, 2024)

Back Cover Blurbs 

June 2-9, 2024 (Registration: May 5-31, 2024)

WFWA Writing Dates - FREE 

WFWA Critique Groups - FREE  

WFWA Critique Forum (Facebook Group) - FREE

WFWA Writing Craft Webinars

Outline Your Novel Using The Heroine’s Journey - Robin Henry

The Building Blocks of a Story: Crafting Scenes with Purpose and Power - Barbara Linn Probst 

Blah, Blah, Blah: When Dialogue Falls Flat (And How to Fix It!) - Nicole Persun

Edit Bootcamp - Kim Taylor Blackmore

Seven Drafts to a Completed Novel - Kristin Owens


Session runs March, April, May. 

Mentor Application


Mentee Application are closed.


Mentee applications open February and close when session capacity is reached. 

Matches will be made the last week of February.

FALL 2024

Mentor applications open July.

Mentee applications open August and close when session capacity is reached. 

Matches will made the last week of August.

Session Options

Manuscript Polishing and Guidance -  Mentee to submit synopsis (two-page maximum) and first three chapters (not more than 7,500 words). Manuscript should be in the latter stages of revision. Mentor/Mentee will discuss strengths and weaknesses, feedback received from critique partners, and areas of concern that need to be addressed. Giving guidance for manuscript improvements is the focus.

Query Package -  Mentee to submit query letter (one-page maximum), synopsis (two-page maximum), and first three chapters (not more than 7500 words). Manuscript should be polished and ready for submission. Polishing the submission package should be the focus. Open to those who have not queried Agents. 

Rejection Assessment - Mentee to submit query letter (one-page maximum), synopsis (two-page maximum), first three chapters (not more than 7,500 words) and any feedback received from agents. Manuscript should be polished and ready for submission. Reviewing areas for improvement in the submission package is the focus. Applicants should have submitted to at least 25 agents.

Independent Publishing Pre-publication Guidance - Mentee to submit first three chapters (7,500-word maximum), cover development/assessment, book description or blurb development/assessment. Manuscript should be polished. Preparing a timeline and steps for independent publishing is the focus. 

Book Promotion - Includes review of previously used ads and promotional tools or review of ads and promotional tools to be used. Manuscript should be published or publication-ready. Focus is assessing and revising promotional tools. 

Platform Building - Includes review of website, sample newsletters, and online presence. Mentees can be at any stage of publishing. Developing or refining online author presence is the focus.

Support for the Writer’s Life -  Includes general support for aspects of the writing life such as story idea generation, accountability, emotional support for rejection. Does not include feedback on written materials.


How are matches made?

Mentorship goals and genre are taken into consideration as well as membership length. The longer you’ve been in WFWA, the more likely you are to be matched. Mentees who have previously applied and were not matched are prioritized. 

How likely is it that I’ll be matched? 

In FALL 2023, 100% of mentees were matched. In order to insure that as many members as possible receive the benefit of mentorship, mentees may only participate in the program once.

Can my mentor look at my whole manuscript? 

Reviewing an entire manuscript is NOT offered as part of the mentorship program. WFWA mentors volunteer their time to support writers in our community. Mentors can suggest ways to obtain a full manuscript review. 

Questions? email [email protected]