Mentorship Program 

The Women’s Fiction Writers Association includes writers in every stage of the experience--from those writing their first pages to those with dozens of published books. Because every step of the journey is easier with support, the WFWA is initiating a Mentorship Program.

For Mentors, the WFWA mentorship is the perfect opportunity to give back and help writers at the earlier stages in their careers. 

For Mentees, the WFWA mentorship is an opportunity to work with a fellow women’s fiction author as they move through the process of drafting, refining, and querying.

We will pair published or agented authors with writers who are working toward publication. Please note that anyone who works as a developmental editor and/or book coach, regardless of whether or not they are published or agented, can also be a mentor.

Applications will be open from 12pm ET / 9am PT, November 25 until 9pm ET / 6pm PT, December 1. 

Levels of mentorship:

Option 1: Let’s Go All the Way 
This option is for a mentee with a complete and polished manuscript who is ready for querying or self-publishing, or who may have started querying but needs help to get beyond the slush pile, and for a mentor who wants to deep dive into a manuscript and help make it shine.

Option 2: Half-way There

This is for a mentee who has at least 50% of the manuscript finished, has worked with peers/critique partners for at least 6 months, and is looking for guidance from someone further along in the publishing journey, and for a mentor who wants to support the creative process and introduce their mentee to the business side.

Option 3: I Need A (Writing) Friend

This option is for a mentee who is seeking general support, and a mentor who wants to nurture a budding talent without the time commitment of editorial support.

Mentoring benefits everyone--mentees, mentors, and organizations.

  • Mentees learn from those who have travelled the path before them.

  • Mentors gain satisfaction when they invest in someone who seeks guidance, and when they help that person develop leadership skills.

  • Organizations become stronger and more diverse, as their members share their expertise. Mentoring also helps the community by encouraging an environment where people motivate one another and work together to improve skills and knowledge.

Mentoring is personal and focused, and works best when there is a good fit between the mentor and mentee. To that end, we have developed short questionnaires for both potential mentors and mentees.

Please keep in mind that this is a pilot program and entirely dependent on volunteer organizers, coordinators, and mentors. We cannot guarantee that every mentee hopeful will be matched with a mentor. Further, while WFWA will provide guidelines, each mentor-mentee relationship will be self-directed, self-monitored, and self-guided.