Mentorship Program

The Women’s Fiction Writers Association welcomes writers at every stage of the experience—from those writing their first pages to those with dozens of published books. Because every step of the journey is easier with support, our Mentorship Program is one of our most popular member benefits.

The mentorship program pairs published (large press, small press, and independent) or agented authors with writers who are working toward publication. In addition, developmental editors, book coaches, regardless of whether or not they are published or agented, are welcome to become mentors.

Mentoring benefits everyone--mentees, mentors, and our organization.

  • Mentees learn from those who have traveled the path before them.
  • Mentors have the chance to hone their leadership skills, and gain the satisfaction of working with and helping another writer, giving back to the community.
  • Our organization becomes stronger and more diverse as our members share their expertise. Mentoring also helps the WFWA community by encouraging an environment where people motivate one another and work together to improve skills and knowledge.

The WFWA Mentorship Program will begin its 2023 spring session in April. Applications to become a mentor or mentee will be accepted February 1 - February 28. The WFWA Mentorship Program runs from April 1–June 30. Thank you in advance for your interest.

The 2023 Mentor Applications are closed.

The 2023 Mentee Applications are closed.

Please keep in mind that this program is entirely dependent on volunteer organizers, coordinators, and mentors. We cannot guarantee that every mentee hopeful will be matched with a mentor. Mentorship applicants who applied in the past but were not paired with a mentor MUST fill out a new application in order to be considered for a new mentorship session.

*NOTE: Applicants' membership must be valid through the entire mentoring session in order to participate. If their membership will expire during the session, they must renew their membership when the renewal period opens or they will be removed from the program. Additionally, members who have previously been mentored should not apply as mentees a second time.

Questions? email [email protected]