Rising Star Award for Unpublished Women's Fiction

2021 Finalists 

2021 Women's Fiction Writers Association
Awards Gala & Keynote
September 24, 2021
**2021 WINNERHadley Leggett: A Better Mother**

We’re excited to announce this year’s Rising Star Finalists!

In alphabetical order:

Clare Barnett: The Roost

Mary Grace Colangelo (pen name: MG Colangelo): I’d Hate Me,Too

Michelle Cruz: The Devils I Know

Karen Kroll: A Matter of Perspective

Hadley Leggett: A Better Mother

Congratulations to our finalists and everyone who entered. A heartfelt thank you to our first-round judges. A huge thank you to the entire Rising Star team!

Score sheets and comments will be arriving to all who entered.
 For more information, please email WFWA Communications