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Debut Author Podcasts

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Sita Romero (Words We Cannot Say)     _____________________

Judy Lannon (Nine Days)           _____________________

Lisa Roe (Welcome to the Neighborhood)                            _____________________

Erin Flanagan (Deer Season)      _____________________

Shirley B. Novack (The Story Of...)          _____________________

Kathy Strobos (Partner Pursuit)    _____________________

Harriet Cannon (Exiled South    _____________________

Tammy Harrow (All the Salt in the Sea)                ______________________

Kerry Chaput (The Daughter of the King)                                      _____________________

Cheryl Corriveau (The Demanding River)                      _____________________

Tonya Mitchell (A Feigned Madness)    ____________________

Kimberly Sullivan (Three Coins)               ______________________

Dawn Hogan (Unbroken Bonds)                ______________________

Georgina Key (Shiny Bits in Between)    ______________________

Kelley McNeil (A Day Like This)    ______________________

Joani Elliot (The Audacity of Sara Grayson)                       _______________________

Gabriel Maan (After Perfect)    ______________________

Luisa Ramondo (Beyond the Cobblestones)                          ______________________

JoAnn Catania ( A Scarcity of Virgins)                                 ______________________

Judy Stanigar (Marika's Best Laid Plans)                                ______________________

Pamela Stockwell (A Boundless Place)    ______________________

Kalyn Fogarty (What We Carry)    ______________________

Paulette Stout (Love, Only Better)    ______________________

Cherie L. Genua (Greetings From Tuscon)                            ______________________

Rebecca Campbell (Sandalwood)                            ______________________

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Recent Releases

We now have a special Monthly Highlights shelf on Goodreads, where you
can get full information on the books listed below. Thanks for reading,
reviewing, and sharing with your friends!

The Vast Clear Blue
by Karen Winters Schwartz

After his wife’s betrayal, Mark jumps on the first flight out,
heading for Central America. Soon enough, he’s face
down in the sands of Hopkins, Belize where he befriends
Aaron, a South African dive master, and Kendal, a quirky,
married, fellow American. But their friendships get more
complicated by the day. Funny, heartwarming, and tragic,
this poignant story is ultimately about love, survival, and

Learn more on Karen's website

When You See Her
by Barbara Boehm Miller

The carnival comes to town right when Sarah needs to
leave home for good. She begins working as the
sideshow fat lady and, either despite or because of her
extreme weight, is able
to hide in plain sight. During her life on the road, Sarah
builds lasting friendships and, as the quality of her stage
appearances improve, she starts on a path to self-reliance
and self-acceptance.

Learn more on Barbara's website              


The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone
by Audrey Burges

A woman learns to expand the boundaries of her small
world and let love inside after discovering that her
miniature house - don't call it a dollhouse - holds the
link to a bigger love story, and more possibility than she
ever imagined.

 Learn more on Audrey's website


Between the Sky and the Sea
by Lisa Williams Kline

Lavinia Onslow, who delights in the freedom of managing
her father’s millinery shop in the heart of Savannah,
Georgia, has decided she may defy convention and not
marry after all. Yet, in the summer of 1838, on board the
steamship Pulaski, bound from Savannah to Baltimore,
she exchanges glances with an intriguing young man.
What can ensue from a mere glance? Quite a lot, as legend
has it. 

Learn more on Lisa's website.


Time for Once
by Jes Smyth

Two people. Ten years. One winding love story. For Jolie
and Jace, timing is everything. And they can’t seem to get
it right. As they navigate the tides of their relationship amid
the uncertainties of life after graduation, Jolie and Jace
enter a decade-long cycle of passion, heartbreak, bad
timing, and, ultimately, self-discovery. All in pursuit of an
answer to the inescapable question: Will time, for once,
ever be on their side?

Learn more on Jes's website


The Key to Circus-Mom Highway
by Allyson Rice

In an attempt to secure an unexpected inheritance—
and hopefully find a few answers—two estranged
sisters and their newly discovered brother embark
on a comically surreal trip through the Deep South to
retrace the life of the mother who abandoned them
as infants. This uproarious debut novel is a reminder
that sometimes, the family you’d never have chosen
may be exactly what you need.

Learn more on Allyson's website


Of Mud and Honey
by Roxana Trabulsi

As the reign of imperialism gives way to Communist control
in Aden, Yemen, a Parsi family finds themselves trapped as
political prisoners. Their strength, love, and faith are pushed
to the limits as they take on the fight of their lives. Of Mud
and Honey captures the ugliness of a country torn apart by
the fight for independence while exemplifying the beauty of
good deeds.

Learn more on Roxana's website


A History of Silence
by Cynthia J. Bogard

Four women, unknowingly bound together by one man’s
violent past. Johnny Wharton is a history professor and
descendant of a Texas “planter family.” As the lives of his
colleague, his graduate student, his wife, and his daughter
intertwine in unexpected ways, each woman learns the
past can’t be conquered until it’s confronted, and its
secrets revealed — and shared.

Learn more on Cynthia's website


The Beautiful Misfits
by Susan Reinhardt

Eighty-four seconds can change your life. Or destroy it.
In the gorgeous mountains of Asheville N.C., known for
hippies, healings, and Subarus, Josie is faced with a
choice: Take a chance on a bold, out-of-the-ordinary
treatment plan for her son. Or lose him forever. THE
BEAUTIFUL MISFITS is an emotional yet uplifting ride
through a world of fierce love, store-bought beauty, and

Learn more on Susan's website

 Love's Arrival
by Amanda Speights

Although Livvie has dreamed her entire life of love like her
grandparents had she believes her mother’s prophecy—
that’s not her lot in life. Justus is ready for love but has been
fully consumed in the family ranch. When Livvie tumbles into
his life, he knows he's found the one. However, Livvie’s own
web of secrets threatens to destroy their chance at a future

Learn more on Amanda's website


 House on Fire
by D. Liebhart

Bernadette Rogers thought she’d do just about anything to
best her perfect sister. But when her mother asks her to
euthanize her father who’s suffering from dementia, she’s
forced to rethink how far she’s willing to go to be the good

Learn more on D.'s website


White Picket Fences
by Kyle Ann Robertson

It didn’t matter where Julie Cahill was that fateful day-
it mattered where she wasn’t- and she’ll never get her
family back until she can forgive herself.


Learn more on Kyle's website


Hear Us Roar! Latest Podcast Episode

Grace Marcus holds a Master in Theatre Arts from Montclair
University. Her debut novel, Visible Signs, published by
TouchPoint Press in May 2022. An early version of the book
was a semifinalist in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom
Creative Writing Competition.

She has been an actress, waitress, social worker,
newspaper editor, and radio and cable TV show
producer to name a few of the byways on her road to
becoming a writer. Her work has been published in 
Philadelphia StoriesThe Bucks County Writer Magazine
Adanna Literary JournalTheWritersEyeWomen on 
Me First MagazineCarolina Woman, and Embark
Literary Journal.

A Brooklyn native, she has lived on both coasts, and now calls North
Carolina home where she is working on a new novel.

Listen to the interview with Grace Marcus.

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