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Heather Frimmer (Bedside Manners)

Denitta Ward (Somewhere Still)

Marianne Hansen (The Unscripted Life of Lizzy Dillinger)

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Award Winners

Many of our WFWA writers have won awards for their work. Women's Fiction Writer's Association also offers their own top prize for a published work of Women's Fiction—the STAR Award. Big congratulations to this year's STAR Award winners:

2018 STAR Award winner, Outstanding Debut

Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber

When a mega-hit podcast reopens the long-closed case of Josie Buhrman’s father’s murder, Josie’s world begins to unravel. Meanwhile, the unexpected death of Josie’s long-absent mother forces her to return to her Midwestern hometown where she must confront the demons from her past—and the lies on which she has staked her future.

Find Are You Sleeping on Goodreads.

2018 STAR Award winner, General Category 

Last Christmas in Paris by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

Last Christmas in Paris is an epistolary love story set during the Great War in which a female journalist in London struggles to make sense of the propaganda at home and her place in this changed world, while her brother and childhood friend grapple with the devastation of war on the front lines.

Find Last Christmas in Paris on Goodreads.

Recent Releases

We now have a special Monthly Highlights shelf on Goodreads, where you can get full information on the books listed below. Thanks for reading, reviewing, and sharing with your friends!

A Thousand Doors edited by J.T. Ellison

Featuring stories by WFWA members Kimberly Belle, J.T. Ellison, Kerry Lonsdale, and Kaira Rouda

Forty-year-old Mia Jensen is home after a terrible day, trying to figure out how she's come to this point in her life, when she hears a strange noise from the kitchen. She investigates, only to be brutally attacked and left for dead. As she dies, she experiences some of the lives that could have been hers had she only made a different choice.

Through the unique voices of New York Times bestsellers and rising stars in women's fiction, A Thousand Doors examines how our smallest decisions can create lasting effects, and allows the thought—can we actually change our lives?

A Thousand Doors recently received a starred Publisher's Weekly review. For more information, please visit the anthology's website

Unreasonable Doubts by Reyna Marder Gentin

N.Y.C. Public Defender Liana Cohen is careening toward burnout. Her boyfriend Jakob’s law firm colleagues laugh at her do-gooder job, straining their relationship. Enter convicted felon Danny Shea, whose blend of good looks, intelligence, and vulnerability intrigues Liana. Could he be innocent? As their relationship crosses the line, Liana is forced to confront fundamental questions of truth, faith, and love.

For more information, please visit Reyna's website

A Different Kind of Fire by Suanne Schafer

When Ruby Schmidt defies her family and moves to Philadelphia to study art, she finds life there is no easier than on the Texas plains. Her efforts to navigate life, lovers, children, and career mold her in ways she could never have foreseen. A woman artist who doesn’t belong in 19th century America, she finds herself as she—and our country—move into the 20th. 

For more information, please visit Suanne's website

A Pocketwatch, Spray Paint & Morphine by Kimberly Lynne

An unrecognizable Boom compels Viv out of her empty nest and into her deserted town in search of answers. She finds instead disparate and desperate survivors, including a boy too reminiscent of her own lost son. Viv’s sanity and survival hinge on forging a new family from these remnants of humanity, as she learns to thrive in a world not of her own making.

For more information, please visit Kimberly's website

The Sea Prayers by Normandie Fischer

A waitress, a megastar, and an ex-addict wage war for the heart of a young girl. Thirteen years ago, a spiked drink left Agnes with a permanent reminder of the man who date-raped her. Her daughter looks like him, sounds like him, and even listens to his platinum records. Brisa is all Agnes has—until the day this music star sets his sights (and his millions) on her.

For more information, please visit Normandie's website

Hear Us Roar! Debut Author Podcasts

WFWA member Sarahlyn Bruck writes contemporary women’s fiction and lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. Click here to listen to Sarahlyn talk about the release of Designer You

Designer You is Sarahlyn’s debut, and she is hard at work on her next book. Want the latest updates? Follow along for news, events, and announcements at her website.


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