REGISTRATION DATES: January 25, 2024, through February 27, 2024

WORKSHOP DATES: March 1-29, 2024




We all know great dialogue when we read it—and the best dialogue seems effortless. But good dialogue takes work and a few key ingredients.

What do you need to get your characters talking in ways that make for riveting, exciting scenes?

Over four weeks, and with some writing exercises, we’ll cover: 

  1. Your Characters’ Voices
  2. Conflict: Everyone Needs to Want Something
  3. Making it Better Than Reality
  4. Subtext: Layering Under the Words
  5. Internal Dialogue – What’s too Much?
  6. Invisible Tags and Punctuation
  7. Accents, Ye Olde English, and Slang  
  8. Punch it! – Making Careful Edits

This workshop is four (4) weeks in length and self-paced. Lessons will be provided in a "text-based" format, meaning, the lessons will be placed as text on a page within the workshop AND a PDF of the exact same lessons will be available for you to download for study purposes. There are no pre-recorded videos or virtual meetings for this workshop. Everything is “text-based.”


SCHEDULE (subject to change):

  • On or prior to February 27, 2024, you will be sent a “Welcome Email” for this workshop which will contain your personal link to our Programs Community Website where we hold all of our workshops. This email will also have an attachment with a simple set of instructions that will assist you in maneuvering throughout the workshop.
  • Lessons will be posted and available by 5 AM ET on the following days (subject to change):
    • March 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, and 26
    • Shannon Donnelly will check in periodically within the workshop to respond to comments and questions.
    • This workshop ends on March 29, 2024. On April 30, 2024, at 5 AM ET this workshop will be archived, which simply means you will no longer have access to the workshop and any materials that have been provided.  Please save any materials you wish to prior to this workshop archiving.



  • Please plan to visit the workshop often to review the lessons as they become available to you.
  • Respond to any homework assignments that may or may not be included in each lesson.
  • Interact with fellow students and Shannon Donnelly. Ask questions, post comments, start conversations and participate in discussions on the lesson materials.



  • Once you have registered and paid for this workshop, all sales are final.
  • Refunds will be processed if this workshop needs to be canceled due to lack of registration.
  • If you have a question concerning this workshop, please email: [email protected]



Shannon Donnelly’s writing has won numerous awards, including the Indie BRAG Gold Medallion, a nomination for Romance Writer’s of America’s RITA award, the Grand Prize in the "Minute Maid Sensational Romance Writer" contest, judged by Nora Roberts, and others. 

Her writing has repeatedly earned 4½ Star Top Pick reviews from Romantic Times magazine, as well as praise from Booklist and other reviewers, who note: "simply superb"..."wonderfully uplifting"....and "beautifully written." Her Regency romance, Lady Chance, and her Regency romance novella, Davinia's Duke, were each awarded the Indie BRAG Gold Medallion. Davinia's Duke also won the Bookseller's Best award for best novella, judged by readers and booksellers.

In addition to her Regency romances, she is the author of the Mackenzie Solomon, Demon/Warders Urban Fantasy series, Burn Baby Burn and Riding in on a Burning Tire, and the SF/Paranormal, Edge Walkers. Her work has been on the top seller list of Amazon.com and includes the Historical romances, The Cardros Ruby and Paths of Desire.  

She lives in New Mexico where she is a licensed EMT-I in what is one of the few "frontier" areas in the US, with room for horses, dogs, and sustainable building. Shannon can be found online at www.shannondonnelly.com






This workshop is part of our new "BITE-SIZE LEARNING WORKSHOP" series which offers text-based learning, self-paced, and modest instructor interaction.

Most of our Bite-Size Learning Workshops (BSLW) will have no pre-recorded videos. These workshops were designed to offer "text-based" learning with lessons posted daily or almost daily in our workshop forum.

BSLWs were designed with all member budgets in mind and to further opportunities for education. We also designed these workshops with busy lifestyles in mind. BSLWs are self-paced, meaning you visit the workshop forum on your terms, with no need to follow a rigid schedule. You interact with other workshop attendees and/or the instructor if you choose to.