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Debut Author Podcast: Amber Cowie

Amber Cowie has served burgers at a frontier themed diner, hot chocolate at the only ski resort in Scotland and pints at a gay bar in downtown Dublin. She planted trees in northern Canada and staffed the front desk of a hotel on a remote island between France and England. As well, she has been a clerk at a high end liquor store and a low end beer store; support worker at homeless shelters; tax firm receptionist, grant writer for environmental non-profit organizations and photocopy assistant at Kinko’s. She has written for small town newspapers, snowmobile magazines and knitwear companies.

When she was five years old, she won a poster contest hosted by her local bank about the importance of wearing sunscreen. First prize was five dollars and a bank account. She spent the money, but still has the account. 

Now, she is a mother of two, wife of one, reader of many and writer of her first novel, Rapid Falls (which, as it turns out, is what she wanted to be all along). She likes skiing, running and making up stories that make her internet search history unnerving.