Author Happy Hour

Watch our happy hours to revisit interesting conversations with authors like Barbara Claypole White, Barbara O’Neal, Sarahlyn Bruck, Kerry Ann King, Aimie Runyan, Anna Quinn, Camille de Maio, Orly Konig, Sweta Srivastava Vikram and many many more.



Replay of most recent November, 2018 Happy Hour: 


More about Author Happy Hour

The Women's Fiction Writers Association hosts quarterly Happy Hours on our public Facebook page.

Our Happy Hours are hosted live video chats. One of the participating authors will be selected as the moderator for the chat and will pose questions to the rest of the authors, as well as answer questions themselves. The audience, which is primarily expected to consist of readers, can also submit questions for our authors to answer.

At the end of Happy Hour, four to six participant names are randomly chosen, and each will receive a signed copy of one of the authors' new release!

WFWA members with a women's fiction release within six months of the happy hour are welcome to submit their book for participation. Each happy hour will be capped at six authors.

These events provide:

  • Greater visibility for WFWA published authors
  • Increased awareness of women's fiction among readers
  • Opportunity for readers to interact directly with authors

Why Readers Should Participate

  • Direct access to your favorite authors
  • Introduction to new, or new to you, authors
  • Lively discussions
  • Book giveaways!

You do not have to be a member of WFWA to attend the Author Happy Hours.

Why Writers Should Participate

  • Support the women's fiction category and fellow WF writers
  • Make new writer friends who will in turn support you
  • Gain new readers who are already fans of women's fiction
  • Support the industry you hope will support you
  • Give  readers a chance to see you live on video camera - making a person connection with readers

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