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May 6 - 18 Master Workshop: The Elements of Timeless Storytelling with Donald Maass (May)

Learn how to adapt and apply elements from the classics to your contemporary fiction.

Donald Maass will teach lessons derived from time-tested literature that will guide writers to utilize the force of these story elements: 

  • Knowing narrators
  • Driving desires
  • Riddles and plights
  • Impossible tasks
  • “Enchanted” lands
  • Magical and surprising secondary characters. 

Please note this is a master class designed for experienced fiction writers. This class is a repeat of the March class. Limited to 40 participants in each workshop. You can only sign up once.

Registration opens April 16. $60 registration fee is for members only, and is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Wednesday May 23 Check the Contract! The Basic Elements of a Publishing Agreement, with Melissa Edwards

This webinar will feature a basic rundown of the elements of a publishing contract and what they all mean. From the Grant of Rights to Royalties, Remainders to Reserved Rights, publishing contracts tend have a language all their own. This webinar will pull back the curtain on what these terms mean and whether or not they should be in your agreement.

Registration opens April 30.

June 25-30 2018 Prepare your Pitch Workshop

Based on the Grabbing the Reader Workshop, participants will prepare, critique and hone your pitches. A great opportunity to get feedback from other writers on your pitch in advance of the agent pitch day in July, or just a chance to keep honing your pitch writing skills. Registration will open on June 4.

Wednesday July 18 2018 Agent Pitch Day

Once a year for a full 24 hours, members can pitch one women’s fiction manuscript, and within one week, agents reply to the posts they would like to pursue with what they want to see.

This is a FREE, members-only event, but due to overwhelming popularity, the event is capped at 80 registrants. In the weeks prior to registration, participating agents’ information will be posted.  

*Title and dates subject to change.


Prior 2018 workshops

January 22-25 Grabbing the Reader 

No matter how much time we spend writing our books, we need to grab the reader right away with our first pages, whether it be an agent, editor or potential customer. Do your first pages get the job done?

Post your first two pages (500 words) and get honest, helpful, anonymous feedback from other WFWA members on whether they’ve been ‘grabbed’. In return, you’ll give the same to at least five other members who post their pages. 

This workshop is free for all WFWA members.

March 11-23 Master Workshop: The Elements of Timeless Storytelling with Donald Maass (March)